Why stampede reminds you of rodeo!


Did you know, that our stampede pouf takes its name from the famous Calgary Stampede Rodeo in Canada?

Charles Godbout had the idea for this model while sitting on a static mushroom-shaped pouf. After ten minutes his back was already killing him!

The idea of stampede is that you can vary your position without getting tired. stampede is characterised by its saddle-shaped seat and its wooden rocking base, inspired by cowboys and rodeo.


Gran Prix du Design forstampede

stampede won the Grands Prix du Design Canada award. Our rocking pouf received this renowed design award with the following comment from the jury: „stampede stands out for ist playfulness and originality.“


Charles Godbout – Designer of stampede

For Charles Godbout, industrial design is, first and foremost, a tremendous tool to serve both human needs and every day life. His achievements are marked by clean lines and are recognized for their pure aesthetics, their elegance and their modernity.


More information: in rossin night & day magazine

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