tonic metal

The interesting feature of this model is its fresh, dynamic, not horizontal line. Tonic owes its strong and iconographic character to its dynamic side line. A wide range of upholstery options, one colour or multi-coloured plus the choice between wooden or metal base, allow a wide range of creations from young and fresh to elegant and linear ones.




Palais Campofranco

Bozen, Südtirol (I)

Palais Campofranco is located in the heart of Bolzano. META is a world class restaurant in the historic palais. Its interior features the rossin brand with it’s new release: rail designed by Archirivolto. A modular seating system and new way of dining and socializing.

©Jürgen Eheim

Alpinhotel Keil

Olang, Südtirol (I)


Kellerei Kurtatsch

Kurtatsch // Südtirol Italien

Therme Meran Bistro

Italien // Meran 


Belgien // Brüssel


Österreich // Innsbruck