Picco, based on the hexagon, nature’s favourite shape, and thanks to its useful and functional accessories, it can transform into countless compositions, thus offering infinite solutions that express the new face of versatility.




Kokon Kinder Rehab

Rohrbach, Öberösterreich (A)


©Kinder-Reha Rohrbach-Berg GmbH -  Alex Krirschner - moodley


We take care! Nursing and care facilities pose great differentiated demands on the furniture. Here, more than anywhere else, furniture has the task of creating a pleasant atmosphere. In the Kokon children's rehabilitation clinic our kamal wood armchair takes care of it! The cafè with lounge area is a place for meetings and small breaks. The kamal wood armchairs invites you to sit together comfortably with friends and visitors. The modular sofa picco offers countless compositions and infinite solutions and adapts perfectly to its environment, both situationally and functionally.