BigSEE Award for elba

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The collection elba translate emotions into design and design into special environments with an atmosphere that guests seek, like and decide to live. This concept persuaded rossin to start the partnership with JOI-Design for the realization of elba. The result a unique collection and the BigSEE Award 2022.

JOI-Design about elba

With the collection elba, we have created a unique model. The model is convincing not only for its shape, but also because it transmit emotion, comfort and originality. For these reasons it has been well received by the market.

About JOI-Design

JOI-Design, based in Hamburg, is considered one of Europe's leading design studios. The office designs and builds hotels all over the world. The office describes itself and its work with the following words: with both feet on the ground but with our heads above the clouds, we look to the stars and try to represent European culture, its authenticity and modern elegance, always believing that design is the best companion for the hotel industry!